"Always In My Heart" Cremation Pendant

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Losing your Best Friend is something very hard to deal with. It can get very lonely without them. Wouldn't you love to keep a part of them with you everywhere you go? With this Hand Crafted Memorabilia Pendant, you will always have a part of your Best Friend right by your heart no matter where you go. This Pendant makes a perfect gift for anyone else close to your heart that has lost their Best Friend as well.

  • Very Durable Stainless Steel
  • Handcrafted Delicate Design
  • Unscrew Top to Store Any Materials
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Product Dimensions:                                                                                                               

Pendant Size: 32mm(high with hook) x 22mm(width) x 7mm(thick)                           

Chain Size: 2mm(width) or 51cm(length)