Soft Bristle Grooming Glove

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Whether if you want to groom your pet and get all that extra fur off without getting your hands very hairy, or if you want to caress your pet but they don't smell too good. Well you probably don't want that smell on your hands, so just put these gloves on and you're all set. Your pet will also love the feeling of the soft bristles going down their back. This glove is made of high-quality rubber and is very comfortable. You can tighten this glove to your liking by fastening the velcro strap as needed. This glove will be a perfect accessory for you and your pet. It will also make a great gift for someone else in need for something to groom their pet as well.

  • Removes Extra Fur
  • Soft Bristles Feel Great on Pet
  • Made of High-Quality Rubber
  • Very Comfortable 
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