Mounted Grooming Brush

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Your cat will absolutely love this grooming brush, and here's why. Cats constantly rub up against walls because it feels good for them, but with this brush they will feel even better by getting the perfect massage with the bristles of this brush. This brush is also perfect for grooming your cat and getting all that excess fur off them. The best part about this brush is that it isn't owner operated. This brush just simply mounts to the corner of a wall with a few screws and then it's all set up. Your cat can then at anytime just go over to it and do as they please. This grooming brush will also make a perfect gift for anyone you know that has a pet cat.

  • Massages Cat with the soft bristles
  • Removes Excess Fur
  • Easily mounts to corner of wall
  • Made of Durable Plastic
  • Perfect Gift for Any Occasion
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  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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