Mesh Padded Nylon Collar

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This collar is made of Durable Nylon that won't break even by the strongest of dogs. This collar also has a very comfortable Mesh Padding that your dog will love. The soft mesh prevents wearing of your dogs skin to keep them feeling great. This collar also has built in reflectors to keep your dog safe at night. The reflectors will keep drivers aware of your dog. This collar comes in a wide variety of color choices to choose from as well. You and your dog will love this collar because is just so nice. This collar also makes a Great Gift for Anyone else that would love a nice collar for their dog.

*Please size your dog for the perfect fit

  • Durable Nylon Material
  • Soft Mesh Padding for Comfort
  • Reflectors for Night Safety
  • Perfect Gift For Any Occasion
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  • Full Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Allow 10-30 Days for Arrival
Size Width(cm/in) Neck(cm/in)
XXS 1.5cm/0.6in 28-30cm/11.0-11.8in
XS 1.5cm/0.6in 30-35cm/11.8-13.8in
S 2.0cm/0.8in 35-40cm/13.8-15.7in
M 2.0cm/0.8in 40-45cm/15.7-17.7in
L 2.0cm/0.8in 45-50cm/17.7-19.7in
XL 2.5cm/1.0in 50-55cm/19.7-21.7in
XXL 2.5cm/1.0in 55-60cm/21.7-23.6in
XXXL 2.5cm/1.0in 60-65cm/23.6-25.6in